How Dromos BLE pairs with my phone?

The device pairs with phone via Bluethooth 4.0, i.e. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. Dromos mobile application displays the available Dromos BLE devices. Just activate and personalize it.

How Dromos ‘FIND THE LOST’ works?

If the distance between the paired Dromos BLE device and the phone increases beyond 30 meter (on line of sight) the device and the phone starts loud audio alert.

How Dromos ‘TAKE THE PIC’ works?

A paired Dromos BLE device lets you select either of the phone camera and operates the shutter release, just like a remote controller.

How Dromos ‘CALL THE HELP’ works?

Currently, this function is available only on Android phones. In case of emergency you have to press the Dromos BLE device button twice (configurable). The paired phone will send a prewritten message and call the preselected phone automatically.

Which brand of phone is compatible with Dromos BLE device and application?

Any smart phone with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and running iOS 8 or above or Android 4.3 or above will work with Dromos application.

Does Dromos BLE device work on Windows and Blackberry phones?

Currently Dromos has no application for Windows and Blackberry phones.

Where do I get the Dromos application for phone?

Dromos application is easily downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play.

What is the price of Dromos application?

Dromos application is free to download by anybody from Apple Store and Google Play.

How many Dromos BLE device can be paired with one phone?

Currently up to five devices can connect with your phone at a time.

Can one Dromos BLE device pair with more than one phone?

Dromos BLE device cannot be paired with more than one phone at a time. Dromos mobile application will display paired and unpaired Dromos BLE devices.

Can other Dromos users track my device?

Only the paired phone can track Dromos BLE device.

What is the connectivity range of Dromos BLE device and my phone?

Approximately 30 meters (98) feet on line-of-sight. Obstacles, like concrete walls can reduce this distance.

How is Dromos BLE device powered?

Dromos BLE device is powered with a long lasting 3 Volt Lithium-Ion cell (CR2032) which is easily available.

How long does Dromos BLE device works on a new power cell?

Depending on usage of Dromos BLE device it will last up to 4 to 6 months.

Can the user change the power cell of Dromos BLE device?

Very easily. One has to open the snap-fit shell of Dromos device and replace the power cell with a similar one. It is highly recommended to replace it with the same brand and type of power cell Dromos device came with.

Where can one buy CR2032 power cell?

This is a very commonly used power cell and is easily available at your local electrical, general, super shops. Always try to buy genuine product from a reliable source.

Why some brand of CR2032 is cheaper than other?

There are many fake and inferior product in the market.

Why I should not use cheaper CR2032 power cell in Dromos BLE device?

It is highly recommended to use only genuine product for safety from electrical or chemical accidents. Cheap products are manufactured using inferior quality materials which do not guarantee you anything.

How durable is Dromos BLE device?

Dromos devices are built to withstand the torture of everyday busy urban rush.

Is Dromos BLE device waterproof?

The device is splash proof, not waterproof. You must protect Dromos BLE device from water as much as possible. Little drizzle or splash might do no harm. Just wipe it dry with dry clean cotton cloth.

What do I do if Dromos BLE device fell in water?

Hope this does not happen. Shake off water as much possible. Open the snap-fit shell and separate the power cell. Wipe the circuit board, outer shell and power cell with dry clean cotton cloth and leave it to dry in room temperature. Assemble back once everything is completely dry and hope it works. Do not heat the Dromos device and power cell for drying. Never put those in the microwave oven either. Fatal accident can occur.

What do I do if Dromos BLE device fell in sea water?

Sea water is the worst enemy for all electronic devices. Shake of sea water as much as possible. Open the snap-fit shell of Dromos and separate power cell and circuit board at your earliest. Rinse everything with fresh water and wipe with dry clean cotton cloth and leave it to dry at room temperature. Assemble everything and switch on. In most case, it should start working again. If not, you will need to replace the device.

My Dromos BLE device is not pairing with my phone.

Make sure that (a) the device was not mishandled in any form (b) the device is completely dry (c) the power cell is not drained out. Restart the Dromos BLE device and try again. Replace the power cell with a new one of the same specification. If still not working, please visit and submit ticket.

Does Dromos BLE device work in my country?

Sure, it works anywhere in the world.

Where can I buy Dromos BLE device?

You can buy online through this website. Currently Dromos BLE device deliveries are only possible within Indian territory.