Bluetooth is a technology of a wireless connectivity that uses low energy radio waves to send wireless data between Bluetooth enabled devices. It is much more similar to the Wi-Fi in that it operates over radio waves. Moreover, Bluetooth can work between any two enabled devices and does not require any additional network equipment such as modems or routers, which makes it a popular choice for sending data between the mobile electronics over close ranges. Bluetooth most of the time works over a max. distance of around 164 feet between devices, but that range is more than enough for many homes, health, care, and consumer electronics applications.

Advantages of Bluetooth Technology:

  • The power consumption of the chip is low, at around 0.3mW, which makes it possible for the least utilization of battery life.
  • It guarantees security at a bit level. The authentication is controlled with the help of a 128bit key.
  • It is even possible to use the Bluetooth for both the transferring of data and verbal communication as Bluetooth can support data channels of around three similar voice channels.
  • It overcomes the constraints of a line of sight and one to one communication as in other modes of wireless communications like infrared.
  • It removes the problem of radio interference by using a technique called the Speed Frequency Hopping. This technique utilizes the 79 channels of a particular frequency band, with each device accessing the channel for only around 625 microsecond that is the device must toggle between transmitting and receiving data from one-time slot to another.

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