IP Rating means Ingress Protection Rating which is also known as International Protection Marking that represents a code that manufacturer is supposed to specify so that the client knows if the product is protected against the intrusions of solid-state particles or liquid particles.

The numeric rating helps people to take better care of the products they buy and to know how to store them in proper conditions. Most electronics manufacturers specify complicated detailed related to their products, but an IP Rating would be much easier to understand if people are informed about it. The IP code is a transparent tool that can help anyone buy products of better quality, without being misled by unclear specifications or jargon.

Ingress Protection is a standard rating recognized across the globe that anyone can use, regardless of their location. These electrotechnology standards are created to let people know what capabilities the casing of the product has from water to solid object protection. The code looks like this: the shot version of the Ingress Protection, which is followed by the two digits or the letter X. the first digit represents the resistance of the object against the solid objects, while on the other hand second represents the protection offered against the liquids. The letter X signifies that the product was not tested for the respective category.

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