What is Waterproof ?

Waterproof devices are built to survive even the wettest conditions. The industry standard Ingress Protection(IP) rating system offers your device can handle not just a brief dunk in water but also complete submersion. Look for the IP68 waterproof phones to find the most reliable device to use in the water, in the rain or using in underwater.

What is splash proof?

Splash-proof, on the other hand, withstands splashed or sprinkles of water. Meaning, the devices, and products that are splash-proof are not totally safe from the water permeation.

How to identify if a device is waterproof or splash proof?

Some of the devices can be easily identified as either waterproof or splash-proof. Moreover, it is tough to check to know for sure which one your product is.

Every electronic device you buys has an Ingress Protection(IP) rating. It shows the water and dust resistance of any electronic gadget like the Bluetooth.

Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the IP rating measures the critical data of our gadget today. This even complies with the IEC’s goals of facilitating international standards and conformity assessment and “enabling global trade.”

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